The Heart Sutra

Evening event
Wednesday October 18 at 19:00 - 2100
"The Heart Sutra"
with Zen teacher Hyon Gak Sunim 

“The Heart Sutra” is one of the most important sutras of the Mahayana tradition. In a mere 260 characters or “ideograms,” it lays out the entire teaching of Mahayana Buddhism. It is chanted every morning and every night in every Mahayana temple throughout the Buddhist world, sometimes even three times a day. 

Zen Master Seung Sahn used to say that the Heart Sutra contains all of the teachings of Zen. We chant this sutra so often, but few meditation practitioners take the time to consider its deeper meaning. What is the importance of this sutra for our practice? How can we apply its teachings for our life? 

This lecture will explain the basic teachings of “The Heart Sutra.” We will look at the Heart Sutra not from an intellectual point of view, but as a mirror for our practice. Where time permits, there will be explanations of some of the empirical cutting-edge science behind every word of this quantum Sutra!

Time: Wednesday, October 18  at 19:00 - 21:00.
Doors open at 18.30 and close at 19.00.
Social gathering in Zen Café until 22:00.
Place: Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
Admission: NOK 200 
Booking necessary: or 41471790 
Hyon Gak Sunim is a Zen teacher, originally from USA, and educated in literature and philosophy at Yale and Harvard. In 1992 he was ordained monk in the Temple of the Sixth Patriarch, China. He received inka from Master Seung Sahn in 2001, and was appointed by him to assume the leadership of Hva Gye Sah Temple in Seoul, South Korea, where he was until 2007.

He has edited several of Sahn's books, including "The Mirror of Zen" and "Wanting Enlightenment Is A Big Mistake".

Hyon Gak Sunim is a sought-after lecturer throughout South Korea, Asia and large parts of the West. This is his 12th visit to Norway.

Hyon Gak Sunim leder Zen Center Regensburg.
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