Ma Ananda Sarita

Temakveld og workshop
med Ma Ananda Sarita

Temakveld with Sarita
Celebrating The Female Spirit
Torsdag 11. mai kl 19
Hello Woman, Goddess, Divine Mother, Lover, Healer and Friend. This evening event is all about awakening your full potential 
to be the woman you are meant to be through sensual pleasure, emotional fluidity, love and intuition.
Men also welcome - there will be great benefits for you!
- Ma Ananda Sarita

Tid: Torsdag, 11. mai - kl. 19:00-20:30. Sosialt samvær i Zen kafé til kl. 21:30.
Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
Pris: NOK
: eller på 41471790 senest 10. mai

OBS! Begrenset deltagerantall!

Dørene åpnes kl. 18.30 og programmet starter presis kl. 19. Da stenges dørene, og det er ikke lengre mulig å komme inn. Denne delen av kvelden varer til kl 20.30, og deretter er det sosialt samvær i butikken til kl 21.30.

"The woman should search into her own soul for her own potential and develop it, and she will have a beautiful future." --Osho

In The Book of Women, Osho explores the role of women in our society. Up until now, he says, both religious institutions and politics have remained male-dominated - not only male-dominated but male-chauvinistic. This has created so many of the crises that we see in the world now, brought about by excesses of ambition, competitiveness, and greed. In these pages, Osho challenges readers to reclaim and assert the feminine qualities of love, joy, and celebration to bring a reunion of the intellect and the heart, that is so desperately needed now.
Osho looks to the female spirit in all of us as a way to nurture the soul and cultivate a healthy relationship with spirituality.

Come and hear Ma Ananda Sarita this evening share from her well of experience and wisdom.

Ma Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world. Having received a direct transmission from Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self realisation. She met Osho in Mumbai India in 1973, at the age of 17, and subsequently remained in his community for the next 26 years, receiving much personal guidance from him on the subject of Meditation, Tantra, Love and Relationship.

She began teaching in 1990 and moved to Europe in 1999 where she established a School devoted to Tantra and Healing Arts. She is author of two books on Tantra and also publishes a monthly newsletter and numerous articles in a wide range of magazines. She has developed 8 levels of training for couples, which has been running successfully in Europe since 1998. She also teaches a Tantra Meditation Retreat in Dharamsala India.

Sarita will be leading a workshop series here in Norway called: "Empowered Woman".

Workshop in Oslo with Sarita
Empowered Woman 
12-14 May - Oslo, Norway 

This weekend includes vital information on feminine well-being, health and beauty. Included are experiential exercises of dance, massage, healing and meditations for personal transformation. We also offer you a ritual for rewriting your inner beauty script, awakening your inner and outer Goddess in all of her splendor.
How we feel about ourselves as women is of paramount importance for fulfillment in relationships and in life as a whole. As we relax into our innate nature of love and compassion, we discover a tremendous, ever flowing resource of feminine power, beauty and resilience. 

In this group, we offer a transmission for loving yourself and from that fertile soil planting a garden of love, which nurtures balanced relationships with others. She who is anchored in the power of love can easily learn the necessary tools for evolving within an intimate relationship. 

All of us have some sensitivity about the issue of appearance, as it connects deeply with our identity and feelings of self-worth as a woman. When we love ourselves, this inspires us to take care of the body and is reflected in our outer beauty. Through awakening our sensual aliveness and learning how to care for our inner and outer physical form, we are able to discover and recognize our own and each other’s beauty. 

Come and celebrate your divine feminine nature in a safe and accepting circle of women. This group is a deeply moving and profound personal journey for all women, whatever your age and shape and however you feel about yourself now. ‘Sarita 

Practical information
Early Bird: NOK 2.500 - Before March 15 Full Price: NOK 3.000 - From April 1 
NB! If you say you found the information on Zen House web, you will still get the Early Bird price!
Time: Friday (10am-7pm), Saturday (10am-7pm), Sunday (10am-4pm) 
Place: Qigongsenteret. Address: Grønlandsleiret 14 – Oslo 
Mobile: +47 41103613 (Zahira) 

Vipps: Beelove Tantra nr.91025 Option 2 - - empowered_woman 
Accommodation: This is a non-Residential weekend, happening at a venue in Central Oslo. 
Nearby accommodation at: or 
The cheapest option is renting a privat home through 
For booking reference, the address of the venue is: Grønlandsleiret 14, 0190 Oslo. 
As there are several women coming from abroad, I can put you in contact with each other,
in order for you to reserve an AirBnb space that you can share. 

How to reach the venue: The nearest metro station is Grønland, a 5 min walk from the venue.
Oslo Central Station and Oslo Bus Terminal are both at a 10 min walk distance. 

Food: there are many cafés and restaurants nearby, serving food from different countries,
with prices starting at 7 euros per meal (Indian/vegetarian). Also supermarkets nearby. 

What to bring: a list of items to bring, will be sent after booking your place. 

Wish you safe travels and joyful preparations. 

With Love, 
Zahira (Carolina Gavaia) 

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