The Seven Doors of Awakened Consciousness
with Rahasya Fritjof Kraft
Friday July 28 - Sunday July 30

Time: Friday 28.7. Time: 10 – 18, Saturday 29.7. Time: 10 – 18, and Sunday 30.7. Time: 10 -17
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Jesus is said to have awakened through the Heart Chakra, so his teaching became that of love,

Mohammad through the Throat Chakra, so his teaching became that of devotion and surrender,

Buddha through the Third eye Chakra, so his teaching became that of awareness,

Shiva through the Crown Chakra, so his teaching became that of Oneness.

Each of these Avatars has been the inspiration for a spesific religion with a certain fragrance. In this time of global awakening, we can be able to move from Religion to Religiousness, and experience the taste of freedom through more than one door, thus enjoying the whole spectrum of the rainbow of human consciousness.

The Seven Doors of Awakened Consciousness can give a taste of this possibility.
This course allows grace to open the door through The Yellow Ray.  
This course allows grace to open the door to awakening within the yellow ray. Yellow is the color of the sun, connected to the solar plexus or third chakra. It is related to the sense of self, the right use of will, intellect, intelligence, individuality, healthy boundaries, originality, power, action and performance, determination, decisiveness, authority,  joy, charisma, integrity, presence and wisdom.
In unconsciousness, the third chakra gives us the strongest sense of separation through ego identification. The challenge in the yellow ray relates to fear, control, strategies and defense mechanisms in the attempt to avoid pain. It gives rise to power trips, judgments, blame, comparison, competition, and issues of powerlessness, inferiority and superiority.
Through Aura-Soma, meditation and satsang we can become aware and shine the light of love and consciousness unto the patterns of the third chakra. We can meet ourselves with unconditional love, cut through power trips and awaken to reality. We can open to an awareness of the potential within the yellow ray and support our own and other people’s flowering.
We allow grace to bring consciousness and healing to the third chakra, guiding us towards integrity and a natural power within. Grace can support a melting of all separation and an empowerment of our individuality. As we burn through the misunderstandings of separation we can recognize, honor and appreciate the uniqueness of ourselves and others and assert our individuality. We can find the power to act and make a difference.
Rahasya Fritjof Kraft is an awakened teacher, physician, author and lecturer. He is leading groups, trainings and meditation retreats for laymen and professionals all over the world. Educated in Germany, France and the US.
Rahasya was the director of Osho School of Mysticism in Pune, India. Meeting Osho in 1980 and living in his presence for many years transformed his life. Since 1996 has he been living in Australia, but travel extensively to share his love, light and insights in courses, trainings and retreats.
Buddha at the Gaspump, interview with Rahasya
Feedback from earlier courses:
«It is impossible to put into words the heartfelt love and gratitude that I feel for all of Rahasya’s profound teachings, in this case The Red Ray. The depth of transformation of fear within my being from traumatic childhood experience is inspiring and totally life changing. I have embraced personal and spiritual growth since I was 15 years old, and nothing has taken me as deeply into presence as here with Rahasya’s guidance. I feel so blessed…»

«… Er så glad for… [at] …jeg kom med på kurset. Livet har vært sååå mye lettere siden. … Det som skjedde var at jeg totalt så meg selv i alle andre. Det kunne ha vært meg som satt i ‘stolen’ hele tiden.… Min egen vei gjennom redselen var herlig frigjørende. Der og da falt masse redsel og skam … og tilliten er blitt større. Det gjør det lettere å leve. Er også mer oppmerksom på å være vennlig mot meg selv. Bare å få le slik jeg gjorde under kurset var verdt sin vekt i gull. Det er mange år siden jeg har følt meg så indre sterk og glad.»
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