Zazen, mindfulness and meditation

Zazen, mindfulness and meditation

Time:Every Tuesday, at. 17: 00-18: 00 (NB! Come later than 5 minutes before)
Zen Room (2nd floor.) In Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
NOK 100, - per time (Punch with 5 clips = £ 400, -)
Contact:Homa Elleri - phone: 41471790

"Zazen is the most basic mindfulness techniques you can learn. It has been developed over the centuries and is practiced today in meditation centers worldwide. It is simple and completely free of religious beliefs. With this simple yet profound method creates more mindfulness - presence, which helps you get less stress and more enjoyment of what you do and who you are. " Yogi

Zen House invites to weekly meditations with Zazen. Zazen, which directly translated means sitting meditation, is a meditation where you by sitting quietly in the proper seating position and focus on the breath, gradually subsides considering traffic and calms the mind.

Periods of quiet sitting is interrupted by shorter intervals 'kinhin', a slow go-meditation.

You will enjoy this meditation whether you are a beginner or have previous experience with meditation. All necessary instructions will be given.

This is a mini course in mindfulness that provides basic introduction to the techniques and enable you to practice on your own.

Meditation led by Homa Elleri and Erik Yogi Møller who both have over 30 years experience with private meditation practice and meditation lead.

Homa is the holder of Zen House (f. Zen Book and Music) in Oslo, She is cand., Social worker and body therapist and is trained meditation teacher from Osho Multiversity in India.

Yogi manage Zen Leadership and has broad expertise in relaxation and stress management. He works daily with leadership development and as a coach in business.
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