med Tanase Constantin, Rolf Ravne og Elena Seriously

Tanase, Rolf and Elena would like to invite you on a fantastic journey. Yoga is one of the most advanced systems when it comes to personal development and to achieve self-knowledge. Over thousands of years, yoga has been designed to make the body, mind and soul to work together in a way that creates happiness, harmony and wisdom.

Tanase, Rolf and Elena offers 2 types of courses, Intensive Yoga and Natha Yoga, Norwegian and English.

All suitable for those who
- wants to learn yoga
You can get free trial session on both the Intensive Yoga and Natha Yoga. Sign up 24 hours in advance.
Courses are held in Zen House on Monday and Wednesday at 17: 15-19: 15 or 19: 30-22: 00.

Bring your own yoga mat!

Price is £ 550 per month for both Intensive Yoga and Natha Yoga. On Natha Yoga it is possible to buy punch. We have discounts for students, pensioners, unemployed and persons under 20 years. See website at the bottom for more information.

Contact Natha Yoga:
Phone: 908 17 632 (Tanase in English) or 461 42108 (Elena in Norwegian)
Courses Address: Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo. Alarm clock "Zen 2nd floor"

Education and experience
Tanase Constantin 
- has studied and practiced yoga since November 1990 and which yoga teacher since 1995
- graduate of the MISA yoga school in Romania
- studied many different branches of yoga, among others Shaivism, kashmirian, ayurveda, parapsychology, transcendental psychology, alchemy and eneagram.
- was from 2013 active in Natha Yoga Center in Copenhagen
- has since 2015 been active in Natha Yoga Center in Oslo

Rolf Ravne
- live in Brisbane and has been practicing yoga for 11 years.
- teacher since 2009
- is currently self-employed

Elena Grav
Elena started with yoga 18 years ago in Rishikesh in India.
- been closely associated Natha Yoga Center in Denmark since 2000
- graduate teacher of yoga and also involved in administrative and practical tasks in school
- been 4 years in an ashram and retreat center in the country, before she was temporarily moved back to Norway
Tanase Constantin
Rolf Straight
Elena Seriously
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