Marit Slagvold

Theme evening: "I get to meet with you"
Marit Slagsvold

Time:Wednesday, February 8 - kl. 19: 00-20: 30. Socializing in Zen cafe until. 9:30 p.m..
Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
NOK 150, -
Registration: or on 232 02 700

NB Limited number of participants!

Doors open at. 18:30 and the program starts precisely at. 19. When closed doors, and it is no longer possible to get into. This part of the evening lasts until 20:30, and then it's socializing in the store to 21.30.

"When we - you and I - we understand that we create together, and how we do it, the landscape opens up, the sky is getting higher, the flowers more and intensify the colors."

Marit Slagsvold are concerned that we get to meet one another; her book is about how we influence and are influenced in relationships and experience ourselves differently with different people. "What happens to me with you, in thoughts, feelings and body? What will it take for you and I can experience being ourselves when we are together? And how can we have more life-giving and sincere contact? "She asks and wants to clarify how enriching and liberating it is to see a lot of the things we struggle with in life as relational phenomena - like something we co-create with others - rather than individual issues.

"Who does not long to follow several of his impulses, develop and express themselves more freely and securely move and grow - wild and wonderful - along with others?" She asks. With this book she wants to support and inspire those who want to live freer and more contented with others, familiar and strange, and who longs to be present in yourself, in enriching exchange and interaction with others.

Marit Slagsvold is gestalt (MNGF), sociologist and writer. She offers individual therapy and counseling. Leader also therapy groups for youth and adults. Slagsvold has written the book "Friends for dear life" (Aschehoug 2003) together with Birgitte Lange, about challenges and shadow sides in friendship, and about ways to choose and live well with your friends.

She has also written the book "Young sorrow" - about young people who are experiencing deaths, along with Birgitte Gjestvang and psychologist Atle Dyregrov (Aschehoug 2008).

Marit Slagsvold has worked several years in the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs with the development and strengthening of child protection. She has also worked as a researcher at the University of Oslo / Group for Inclusive Social Welfare, and have passed one year on Aschehougs fiction writer School (2009).
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