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1. Awareness
Author:Bjørn Grinde
Price:£ 349, -
Your consciousness is all you have. It is you. It is the one that makes you experience life - sometimes you are happy, other times life hard to live.
This book explains how evolution has shaped the brain and how neurons creates experiences. Knowledge of what consciousness is, provides insight into how good feelings, or happiness, arises. The brain develops as a result of external stimulation, but it is also possible to train the brain and thus enhance the nerve pathways that positive emotions and weaken negative thought patterns. By understanding how the brain works, you can make life better.
2. Have yourself healed
Author:Audun Myskja
Price:£ 349, -
When we activate the body's resources, we are better equipped to face what we are struggling with. There are many tools we can use to keep us healthy and have a better life. Through its more than 30 years as a consultant has Audun Myskja seen countless examples of how we humans have a unique ability to heal ourselves.
In this book, he has gathered the tools that have proven to work best over time - from what you should eat to stay healthy, to meditation and mental techniques to prevent problems and make it easier to deal with anxiety, stress, pain and chronic diseases.
3. My heart does not have dementia
Author:Audun Myskja
Price:£ 329, -
Many know little about dementia, and the topic is still partly Tabu and shameful both in demented themselves and with their families. With this book wants Audun Myskja that we should gain more knowledge about what dementia is, how it manifests itself in the person who is affected and what a demented need.
The author writes on various types of dementia, how the world looks for the sick, what we can do to help, and what treatment is available. He also writes warmly and closely on how we can communicate with dementia through music and other emotionally arresting expression. For heart remembers the head forgets!
The author tells us what we can do to create joy, faith and hope of the sick, and what we do if the dementia patient is anxious, depressed or troubled. The book contains a number of practical examples of warm and respectful approach and talk with the people affected by dementia.
The author is aimed primarily at families, but the book is very useful and relevant for health professionals.
4. I get to meet with you
Author:Marit Slagsvold
Price:£ 379, -
"When we - you and I - we understand that we create together, and how we do it, the landscape opens up, the sky is getting higher, the flowers more and intensify the colors."
Marit Slagsvold are concerned that we get to meet one another; her book is about how we influence and are influenced in relationships and experience ourselves differently with different people. "What happens to me with you, in thoughts, feelings and body? What will it take for you and I can experience being ourselves when we are together? And how can we have more life-giving and sincere contact? "She asks and wants to clarify how enriching and liberating it is to see a lot of the things we struggle with in life as relational phenomena - like something we co-create with others - rather than individual issues.
5. Love Tao
Author:Jolan Chang
Price:£ 149, -
This book deals with the classic Taoist lovemaking art.
"Instead of juxtaposing sexual practices with shame, or as an expression of somewhat lower in man, has Taoists through thousands of years evolved Love Tao, first in modern times is available to a larger international audience.
Welcome to the banquet, I would say, take this opportunity to get to know a tradition that treats sex with prudence, love and joy. There is nothing to lose and much to gain. "This writes Viggo Johansen in the preface of the book.
6. The art of dying
Author:Audun Myskja
Price:£ 349, -
Audun Myskja is one of the doctors in Norway who knows death is best. He has followed countless people through the very last stage of life. Through this work he found a deeper understanding of what death is. This theme evening will Audun ask the difficult but necessary questions that can give us a more conscious relationship with this part of your life:
What happens to the body when death approaches? What can the relatives do? Is there an afterlife? What is it that dies?
7. Osho Therapy
Forfatter: Svagito Liebermeister
Pris: kr 268,-
Osho therapy is unlike any other in that the lives of those practicing it have been touched by an enlightened mystic.
The 21 contributors to Svagito’s book have all spent many years in the presence of Osho, meditating, working on themselves, and sitting with him, and it is qualities arising from this contact that infuses their work. Therapy with an added ingredient, taking it out of the mainstream and enriching its participants beyond measure by paving the way for meditation.
8. ReAwakening of Art
Forfatter: Meera Hashimoto
Pris: kr 220,-
This book is about the re-awakening of art and creative expression in everyone, together with a parallel growth in consciousness.
Once upon a time, art was used as a tool to express the state of meditation, a tool to come closer to oneself. There was a time when art was alive and creativity was walking hand-in-hand with ordinary life.
Unfortunately, those days are gone. In today’s over-specialized society, art is increasingly the exclusive reserve of professionals. It is no more an innocent and joyous act. Meera approaches the reawakening of art through offering painting trainings and workshops, waking peoples’ forgotten source – the creative impulse hidden in us all – which is ready to be freed at any moment.
This book simply is an invitation for the reader to examine: “What is creativity for me?” It is a doorway to rediscover what is original in you, which is nothing but your own individual expression of life’s ongoing dance.
9. Sensitive and strong
Author:Ihren Abrahamsson and Lian Kirksæther
Price:£ 149, -
Are you one of the approximately 20% of the population who are highly sensitive? Or are you simply tired of the enormous pressure from the community, that we should be a master of everything? Have you or do you work with children who are highly sensitive? Then this is the book for you!
Often it is so that when your own and others' expectations for yourself are too high, you build up a wall you hide behind. A wall composed of your own fears and limitations, false comfort in an overwhelming world. The wall does not protect you, it prevents you from living your life to the fullest. Achieving a life outside the wall and enjoy life in harmony with yourself. Going from a life in black and white, to live a life of colors, where the sensitivity suddenly get an opinion! Get rid of the ideal of being a gladiator in the workplace and in the home, and a life of daily overstimulanse.
Live rather in line with yourself!
10. Seven ways to happiness
Author:Johan Galtung
Price:£ 295, -
Johan Galtung is the world's first peace professor. He has worked all their lives in peace research and conflict resolution have been both nationally and internationally. For two årsiden, at the young age of 84 years, he sat down to write about happiness. It was the book "Seven ways to happiness".
Peace and happiness are two sides of the same coin. In this book he takes for his happiness, what it means for us humans. Happiness concept is discussed from many perspectives, including from his own experiences as a peace mediator, professor and individual, with the aim to find out a bit more about happiness being.
11. Fountain of Youth
Author:Audun Myskja
Price:£ 399, -
"The best things in life remains!"
"Fountain of Youth is not located in a distant country or a magic potion. It lies in yourself, in the simple choices, values and health habits. It lies in relationships, in discipline, love and compassion. Some of the points and conclusions in this book are well known , others will surprise and might provoke. "
These words belong doctor Audun Myskja. His message is that we can do a lot yourself to keep us young and healthy - whether we are 30 or 90. It is in fact never too late. Using the knowledge you gain in this book, you can make the right choices now and make sure that the coming years will be good ones.

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1. Awareness (US $ 349)
2. Heal yourself (£ 349)
3. My heart has not dementia (£ 329)
4. I get to meet with you (US $ 379)
5. Love Tao (£ 149)
6. The art of dying (£ 349)
7. Osho Therapy (kr 268)
8. ReAwakening of Art (kr 220)
9. Sensitive and strong (£ 149)
10. Seven ways to happiness (£ 295)
11. Youth Kilden (SEK 399)
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