Osho Kundalini Meditation

Osho Kundalini Meditation

Time:Every Thursday, at. 17: 00-18: 00 (doors open at 4:45 p.m.)
Zen Room (2nd floor.) In Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
NOK 100, -
Homa Elleri - phone: 41471790

Why active meditation?
In the western world, many people are filled with anxiety and restlessness. They hunt all the time for something new, never complacent, always on, more, something different and better.

It was this kind of restless, troubled people who came to the Indian mystic Osho in the late 60s. He discovered that the old, sedentary meditation techniques did not work for them. The techniques were made over 2,000 years ago and requires a certain degree of inner contact.

He therefore created active meditation techniques for contemporary man. The active meditations an active phase and a low phase. They are designed as a tool to get in touch with your body and get more livskraft.I these meditations practiced conscious attention is the basic tool of meditation. The best known active techniques Osho Kundalini meditation and Osho Dynamic meditation.

Osho Kundalini is a nice afternoon meditation in 4 phases. It provides a good opportunity to get rid of the current stress, find calm and renew energy and surplus. You begin to shake the body to release tension, continues with free movement and ends with a half hour silent meditation.
No prior knowledge required - instruction is given!

NB! Come later than 5 minutes before the meditation begins.
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