Osho Dynamic Intensive

21 days Osho Dynamic Meditation Intensive
Going beyond limits!
Saturday May 20 - Friday, 9 June 2017

"Twenty-one days is exactly the time the mind takes two change completely, to move into another direction. For the first seven days it simply goes on struggling with the old, the mind goes on interfering a little. After seven more days That Old is gone and the new is there, but you are Unfamiliar with it, so it is a little strange. After seven days again you Become familiar with this. Now it is no longer new and you you are settling in it. So we will make it twenty-one days! "- Osho

Time:May 20 to June 9
Weekdays: 5:45, Saturday: at 7:15, Sunday: 7:45
Optimal training, Therese's gate 31, 0354 Oslo
NOK 950 (1 week), NOK 1450, - (2 weeks), NOK 1750, - (3 weeks)
 zenhouse@zen.no or 41471790 (Homa) before May 5th!

You can choose to attend one, two or three weeks!

The Indian mystic Osho observed already in the early '70s that Westerners had too much internal turmoil to benefit from sitting meditations.

He therefore developed "active" meditation, a combination of physically active parts that discharges suppressed physical and psychological stress, with quiet, inactive parts  that leads into the silence.

Osho Dynamic meditation is considered one of Osho's most demanding but also most liberating active meditation. It consists of five phases, with the first three are physically acting out with chaotic breathing, emotional Dispense and movement, and the last two are quiet observation and celebratory dance. The whole meditation lasts an hour and is done with closed eyes, so here is your chance to free yourself from old constraints without having to pay attention to what others think of you.

This offer to do "Dynamic" every morning for 21 days is a unique opportunity to experience what this meditation can do for your development of inner peace, balance, joy and creativity.

The meditation is held in "Optimal trening" fitness center, Therese gt. 31 (at Bislett).

No prior knowledge required - instruction is given at the start of each meditation..

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