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 about us

In 2000 established Homa Elleri and Erik Møller niche bookstore Zen Bok & Music. The bookstore was widely perceived as an "oasis" and a good meeting place for those who shared interest in meditation and inner quest. For 11 years blossomed this store that combined sales of books and music with themed evenings and musical events.

In autumn 2011 the focus shifted from the daily store operations over the arrangements and a more extensive rental to coaches and therapists. Zen House was born.

Homa head the daily operations of Zen House and is primarily responsible for the rental business and for all preparation and implementation of the various events offered. She holds a masters degree in language, social worker and body therapist and trained meditation teacher fromOsho Multiversity in India.

Erik (Yogi) takes care of many practical issues related to operations and events,and is responsible for developing and maintaining the website. Erik is the Managing Director of Zen Leadership and EMConsulting AS, and is a partner in Marshmallow Group. He has extensive expertise in relaxation and stress management, and daily work with leadership development and change processes in business.

Both have over 35 years experience with private meditation practice and meditation lead. They are joining forces to lead the weekly drop-in meditations and fashioned courses in mindfulness in Zen House.
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