meditation chairs

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1. Back-Jack
Pris: kr 745,-
Aluminum frame with cotton cover and seat cushion.
Color: Standard in stock are black. Also available in burgundy, black, purple, green, blue and beige.
2. Meditasjonskrakk i furu
Pris: kr 295,-
Design: Yggdrasil Yoga School.
Farve: Pine nature.
Light slanted.
Do not fold.
3. Nomad
Price:£ 1,190, -
Design: Åsmund Skard, reed. architect.
Easy tilt gives back stable position.
Comfortable Saddle textile. Variable height adjustment from 17 to 23 cm for personal seating comfort.
Weight 0.7 kg.
Size merged 42x16x3,5 cm.

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1. Back-Jack (kr 745)
2. Meditasjonskrakk i furu (kr 295)
3. Nomad (kr 1 190)
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