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1 108 lessons in mindfulness
Author: Jon Kabbath Zinn
Price:NOK 150, -
This book contains 108 short lessons with wise observations that lead to self-knowledge. Clearer than ever shows Jon Kabat-Zinn us here the connection between our mental and physical health and mindfulness. Jon Kabat-Zinn is one of the most important people in mindfulness. He's a doctor, and in their research on the interaction between the body and consciousness integrates he Østens methods set of a western look.
2. Right now! Mindfulness
Author: Jon Kabbath Zinn
Price:£ 299, -
The meditative techniques this book teaches you, to be able to open to a vitalization, where your own attentive presence - a form of being, right now - is the cause. 'Just being' act as if its own vitality: the experience of the moment by moment, and that what is happening right now, affects what happens next.
The book consists of three parts: introduction, you get an introduction to mindfulness tradition: about meditation and conscious presence.
Part two contains simple exercises in meditation and mindfulness. The last part is about how you can use your conscious presence - and, not least, make time for the presence of yourself in everyday life.
3. Be your own help - 100 lessons in mindfulness
Author: Jon Kabbath Zinn
Price:NOK 150, -
Excerpts from Jon Kabat-Zinn's classic bestseller Full Catastrophe Living.
Go exploring in the trendsetting way to mindfulness meditation through these 100 short, inspiring teachings and lessons from Jon Kabat-Zinn's classic bestseller Full Catastrophe Living.
Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder of The Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University and Massachusetts Medical School, where he holds the position of professor emeritus.
4. Nice to be older with attention training - mindfulness
Author:Andries J. Kroese
Price:£ 349, -
It is written much about getting older, even less about how we can grow old with dignity and joy. We would like to live long, but do not like to be old because we then have to give up much. Andries J Kroese's new book: "Nice to be older with attention training - mindfulness," is for those who want to live in the present. It is easier said than done.
Rather than spend your life here and now, we have a tendency to brood over the past and wonder what might happen in the future. It is not only stressful, we can also get sick from it.
With attention training we learn to live consciously in the present.
5. Lev more with mindfulness
Author:Lisbeth Pettersen
Price:£ 349, -
Do not miss the great experiences because you constantly focus on what to do in the morning or worrying about everything. You can actually change course and become aware and present in the moment. Mindfulness is a set of techniques that teaches you to slow down, stop and get richer experiences. The techniques may include help you to feel better about myself, to experience more joy, be more creative, get a more harmonious love life, mastering the difficult feelings, anxiety, stress and illness.
In this personal book tells Lisbeth Pettersen from their own lives and share their own experiences with illness, death, divorce and a career with ups and downs. She shows concretely how mindfulness can be used in different situations and how techniques have helped her to be both safer and more present in their own lives.
6. Metaphysical meditation
Author:Parma Hansa Yogananda
Price:£ 149, -
"Most people would like to meditate if they understood how to go forward. The purpose of meditation is to notables God and establish a connection between the soul's small pleasures and spirit great delight.
Meditation is not the same as concentration. Concentration hander to liberate consciousness for anything that might disturb it and collect it on one thing aav time.
Meditation is a special form of konsentration, where the attention, after being freed from restlessness, collects about God. "- from the foreword.
7. Fred være
Forfatter:Thich Nhat Hanh
Pris:kr 145, -
The author conveys Buddhist insights and shows how we can live in the moment with joy and attention.
Through examples from his own life, he points out ways to indfre peace, and shows how inner peace and world peace are interrelated.
8. Veien
Forfatter:Thich Nhat Hanh
Pris:kr 269, -
"The Road" is an unusual book, both in content as in form - one meditasjonsbok who will be able to reach many types of readers. The starting point is a deeply personal experiences that led the author into a crisis - and simultaneously into a cognition process.
Open and earnestly appreciate the author word on their experiences.
"The Road" is a beautiful book with philosophical texts in lyrical form.
The book is full of life lessons and dive deep into the human mind. It is a collection of old and newly written lyrics that express Vigdis Garbarek spiritual experiences.
9. Zen mind, beginner's mind
Author:Shunryu Suzuki
Price:£ 145, -
This book has its origins in a series of lectures by Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki to a small group in Los Altos, California. He participated in their meditation once a week, and afterwards he answered their questions and tried to encourage them in their Zen practice and help them to solve life's problems. His approach is informal, and he draws his examples from ordinary events and common sense. Zen is here and now, he says; it may be just as significant for the West as for the East. But his fundamental teachings and practices are drawn from all the centuries of Zen Buddhism long tradition, and especially from Dogen, one of the most significant and creative zen masters.
This book is about how to practice Zen as a workable discipline and religion, about posture and breathing, about the basic attitudes and understanding that make it possible to practice zen, non-duality, emptiness and awakening. This is where you begin to understand what Zen is really about. And most importantly, every page breathes with the joy and simplicity that make a liberated life possible.
10. Autobiography of a Yogi
Author:Paramhansa Yogananda
Price:kr 349, -
Paramahansa Yogananda's autobiography is highlighted as one of the 100 best spiritual books of the 20th century. His remarkable life story takes you on an unforgettable exploration of the world of saints and yogis, science and miracles, death and resurrection. With wisdom that satisfies the soul he throws light on life and the universe's deepest secrets. It opens our hearts and minds to the joy, beauty and the limitless spiritual potential that exists in each person's life.
11. Milarepa
Translator:Henrik Mathisen
Price:£ 399, -
"The meeting with the lyrics about Milarepa made a deep impression on me," says re poet and translator Henrik Mathisen who has translated the book from Tibetan. "His direct transmission of wisdom is fresh and vibrant. The themes are the eternal questions that have been discussed at all times. They are targeted at human nature, not to eras, and is therefore always current. In his presentation yesterday humor and seriousness hand in hand."
In Tibetan Buddhism has Milarepa (ca.1052-1135) a very special place as a wisdom champion. He is still living in the Tibetan people's hearts today.
He wandered from place to place, living on alms, and meditated for long periods in mountain caves. His ways went beyond monastery system and social conventions. Through inner meaning, directness and metaphors that evoke heart he inspired others to inner recess.
12. presence
Author:Kristin Flood
Price:£ 349, -
Presence is the first step on the way towards something more than greater calm and balance. It opens for closeness, empathy, tolerance and patience, essential qualities in our troubled times - and can cause us to dare to show greater vulnerability.
Kristin Flood believes that presence is a key that opens up an expanded and more vibrant part of our consciousness. By moving us to a more present standpoint of ourselves we can gain access to a team of reality that lies behind the everyday. In touch with it we can experience a joy in just being.
In the book tells Kristine about his curious quest, human encounters, meditation, depression in silence and events that changed her. She inspires us to be exploratory and curious about our own lives, and encourages letting go of striving to achieve something - and instead search for resting place where a natural presence can emerge.
13. Silent Witness
Author:Viggo Johansen
Price:£ 299, -
Mindfulness meditation is a practical and detailed guidance in the art of meditating, and thus to live a life of inner peace and harmony.
The book is based on mindfulness as a living wisdom tradition, and shows how the path to our own inner is open to all. Modern man has lost touch inward and fighting desperately to find meaning, peace and genuine joy.
This book provides a detailed description of exercises that have been tested in more than 2,500 years, and that has transformed the lives of millions of people. Joy of Life is our natural state, but requires a flexible mind to appear.
Mindfulness is a way to exercise this flexibility on.
14. Zen archery art
Author:Eugen Herrigel
Price:£ 169, -
Forty years old, he was offered a position as professor of philosophy at the Imperial University of Sendai in Japan, where he remained for five years. Herrigel real encounter with Zen Buddhism goes through archery art. Under expert guidance experience he that concentration and muscle use only outer aspects of the shoot with bows and arrows; it is the training of the awareness that this art is all about - and that is a year-long exercise in being from itself, without losing themselves. The renowned Buddhist philosopher and Zen scholar Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki (1870-1966), wrote the foreword to this book when it was first released in 1948, and Zen archery art has since been translated into several languages and pressed still in new edition worldwide. This edition is equipped with a new preface by philosopher and cognitive behavioral therapist - and former Buddhist monk - Viggo Johansen, while Suzuki's wise original words are in good condition.
15. The Power of Now
Eckhart Tolle
Price:£ 149, -
The author encourages others to find their true selves in the present, and reconnect with our fundamental being and expressing ourselves through our special divine reality in the physical world.
This is the book for you that will be more mentally present in your life.
In Dagne stressful society, we tend to think and ponder almost incessantly. This book tells you how to get far greater inner peace, greater joy in life and better health by train yourself to be more mentally present in your life. I used the methods in the book for a while, and I think the effect was very good. But a little practice and patience is to be expected.
The author's message is that we generally should be more mentally present in our lives, although we still have to plan ahead and think. The book's content is not based on any particular religion, and it may well be read by all. The only negative about the book is that the author uses some vague words in their explanations. But all in all, this is a particularly good book recommended.
7. Lev here and now
Author:Eckhart Tolle
Price:£ 149, -
Live here and now! has a simple message: Presence at the moment is the key to inner peace and freedom. Break identification with the idea, be present here and now, in what is, then sufferings and problems cease. Read from A to Z, or turn up at random sites, think through the text, think about the space between the words. Maybe with time, maybe here and now, you will take the knowledge that changes your life.
Live here and now! is a practical workbook that includes an exclusive selection of excerpts from Tolles debutbok, the international bestseller is now you live.
"What I'm talking about is a profound transformation of the human consciousness, not as a distant future possibility, but something that can be achieved here and now - no matter who or where you are. You get to know how you can free yourself from being a slave of your mind, go into this enlightened state of consciousness and sustain it in everyday life. " Eckhart Tolle.
17. The psychology of human potential evolution
Author:PD Ouspensky
Price:£ 158, -
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1. 108 lessons in mindfulness (£ 150)
2. Right now! Mindfulness (£ 299)
3. Be your own help - 100 lessons in mindfulness (£ 150)
4. Nice to be older with attention training - mindfulness (£ 349)
5. Live more with mindfulness (SEK 349)
6. Metaphysical meditasjoner (kr 149)
7. Be Peace (kr 145)
8. The Way (US $ 269)
9. Zen mind, beginner's mind (£ 145)
10. A yogi's autobiography (kr 249)
11. Milarepa (kr 399)
12. Presence (£ 349)
13. Silent Witness (£ 299)
14. Zen archery art (£ 169)
15. The Power of Now (£ 149)
16. Live here and now (£ 149)
17. The psychology of human potential evolution (£ 158)
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