Courses in mindfulness and meditation

Daily rate in mindfulness and meditasjon

Time:Saturday September 23, at. 10-17
Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
£ 995, - (including hot vegetable dishes, tea and snacks)
Registration:Binding registration to within 21.9
Contact:Homa 41471790

Meditation is something anyone can learn and enjoy. Meditation is an exercise in experiencing life directly without the filter that our thoughts constitute. Mindfulness is developed through using meditation techniques that enhance our ability to be present here-and-now.

Come and learn how meditation can transform your life! Here are some statements from previous course participants:

"Thanks for the exciting and very rewarding Saturday."

"Thanks for a wonderful Saturday, it got me to change focus, something I need now I know."

"Thanks for a great day yesterday! For me it was very informative and gave me a lot.
Thank you also for being the ones you are! "

What do we offer?
We will use techniques that combine both active and quiet phases, as well as traditional, sedentary meditations, and by trying these you will find the technique that works best for you. No prior knowledge required.

Meditation is about being present here-and-now. With more presence you will be able to keep peace and balance in the daily press, and more often be in touch with the natural joy of life.

Come and spend a day with us to practice the presence!

The active phases, combining movement and breathing releases tension and providing new energy. In the quiet phases everything falls into place by itself.We are observing the breath and it is.

When we let those alone - without judging or criticizing it,there is emerging a greater self-acceptance. We begin to relax withwho we are, and realize that we must change ourselves to be able to accept and love ourselves.

Is meditation something you have long wanted to try, this is a great opportunity to experience meditation from different sides. For experienced meditators, this is a day that gives inspiration and deepening of their own practice.

Course Leaders
Meditation led by Homa Elleri and Erik Yogi Møller who both have over 35 years of experience with its own meditation practice and meditation lead.

Homais the holder of Zen House (f. Zen Book and Music) in Oslo, She is cand., Social worker and body therapist and is trained meditation teacher from Osho Multiversity in India.

Erikmanage Zen Leadership and EMConsulting AS, and has broad expertise in relaxation and stress management. He works daily with leadership development and change processes in business.
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