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                   Vanessa Elizabeth Holden

"Painting is a way of being in the world and an experience of expressing that which words attempt to capture and which music moves and penetrates. These paintings are sensual and emotive movements which are both suggestive and open.

The inspiration for this series of paintings has formed its essence from the whispering sounds of the woods which have been my nearest neighbour, the traces and subtleties of falling clouds and winds moving over fields and lakes summoning traces to be expressed and the inner landscapes which music improvisation awakens..

These paintings have flowed and changed like a cloud as I have only decided to halt the flow and capture that fleeting moment which remains as a passionate response to the world in which we belong." - Vanessa Elizabeth Holden

Om Vanessa
Født 1965 i Norge av norsk/engelsk foreldre.

1987-88 San Fransisco Academy of Art College, USA
1989-90 Universitetet I Oslo, grunnfag kunsthistorie.
1990-93 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, Bath Academy of Fine Arts and Music, England.
1998-99 Studier i musikk og bevegelse ved Eurytmiskolen Oslo, Norge.
2003-2005 Bachelor i Litteratur, Universitetet i Oslo.
2006- Arbeider med Mastergrad i estetikk, lyrikk og billedkunst.

New York, Paris, Kôln, Dublin.

1990 N.A.F.T.E. London
1991-1993 Peter Kinley Exhibition, Bath. England.
1998 Cultural Transit; Historisk Museum, St. Petersburg, Russland. White Night 
2003 Zen bok & Musikk, Oslo.
2004 Gjøvik Fylkesykehus.
2005 Zen Bok & Musikk, Oslo

Peter Kinley Painting Award; vudert av Terese Gleadowe, Royal College of Art London and Painter Ian Mckeever.

Litterære verk:
Bidrag med essay i antologien “ Facinasjon og forargelse”. Pax forlag 2000. Essay ”Falling Gold”. Internet journalen ”Ovringen.Red. Professor Arild Pedersen. Filosofisk Institutt, Universitetet Oslo. 2005

Telefon: 90015166

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Aziza Hobbs Bang Ellingsen

"For me, creating process to quiet the mind, notice the world and bring what I perceiver. Life in the picture occurs when knowledge and craftsmanship can earn a life-affirming and enthusiastic play.
These pictures are inspired by the dance world, the volatile and rapid energy of improvisational dance gives a good room to sharpen alertness and be present in the moment. It's like letting the impressions flow through from the eye to the hand without room to strain it through tanks' world. Working with collage and various papirteksturer also strengthens the sensory presence I seek to express. "-Aziza Hobbs Bang Ellingsen

Drawings: dry pastel, charcoal and pencil on paper.
Paintings: collage composed of paper, textile and the like in combination with acrylic, dry pastel and coal.

about Aziza
born in 1961

2001-2004 Department of Art Therapy, Risør / Denmark
1994- 1997 Annual studying in Poona, India (4-5mnd)
1989-2012 Several study stays in Cornwall, England, browse the St Ives School of Painting
1993-2000 Private Pupil of Jan Cato Botges
1982-1995 Several semester as a student at Oslo Drawing and Paint School(now Oslo free academy)
1982-1984 IFM Westwedals Advertising School, Oslo
1979-1982 Aesthetic subjects vidergåend school

2014 Gallery Cuben, Oslo
2013 Summer Watercolors and graphics, Cafè bottle, Nesodden
2012 and 2016 -17 Zen House, Oslo
2010 Zen Book and Music, Oslo
2000-2001 Zen Book and Music, Oslo
1998 Gallery Tyra, Tyrifjord
1996 Month artist, Nesodden Kunstforening
1996 (April / May) Gallery Havstad, Drøbak
1996 (March) Osho com International, Poona, India
1996 (February) Gallery The Shepping, Wijk Bij Duurstede, Netherlands
1995 (August) Gallery supernova, Amsterdam
1995 Osho Commune International, Poona, India
1993 Helvik Tangen, Nesodden

Participation in exhibitions
1993-2016 gallery Water Tower, culture tourists, Nesodden Municipality
2004-2013 Art of Cornwall, permanent exhibition leased to div businesses, Amersfoort
2010 Summer exhibition, Hellviktangen Farm and Art Kafe, Nesodden
2010-2011 Winter Exhibition, Hellviktangen Farm and Art Kafe, Nesodden
2008 megaliths, a portable stone circle. Stønt Solbukta
1994-2001 Various exhibitions Galleri Brandstrup, Moss, Stavanger, Bergen
1993-1998 NORWEGIAN IMAGES, Galleri Brandstrup. Oslo City Hall
1993-2008 Painters From Cornwall, Amersfoort, Netherlands
1997 Interpretation of modern dance in the comp with a dance symposium in New York
1997 University of Outrect, Netherlands
1996 Option Messen Oslo
1996 Painters at the Sloop, Cornwall, England
1992 Artists from Nesodden, Galleri Brandstrup, Moss

2016 Fast represented by two or three paintings in Zen House, Oslo
2013-2016 Fast "huskunstner" in the barbershop on Sunnås hospital
2015-16 Utlånt a series of watercolors of Section mental health, Nesodden Municipality

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