Guided relaxation / meditation

"Guided relaxation / meditation"

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1. Relaxation for transformation and wellness
Artist:Tal Coleman (music) and Jannicke Weil (instruction)
Price:£ 180, -
Relaxation for transformation and wellness provides support and veiledingn to bring body and mind into a relaxed state. Gjennomm to gstilne mind and Lee attention to your inner strength free up energy to improved, the quality of life and create positive changes in their lives.
2. Relaxation and Meditation
Artist:Svein Myreng (artist) and Preben Olram (music)
Price:£ 180, -
Also suitable depth of your own meditation practice.
The instructions and music, inspired by the Vietnamese zenmesteren Thich Nhat Hanh, is designed to take you into ever deeper silence and relaxation.
Svein Myreng, who unfortunately died far too young in 2008, was a teacher in zenmeditasjon and awareness training, appointed by Thich Nhat Hanh in 1994. He has written the book: "Awake silence. Handbook zen and insight meditation".
3. Awareness and healing
Artist:J. Sunder Halvorsen and Sandra Jyoti Marjala
Price:£ 180, -
Missing content.
4. Awareness and meditation
Artist:J. Sunder Halvorsen and Sandra Jyoti Marjala
Price:£ 180, -
Missing content.
5. Body Image
Artist:J. Sunder Halvorsen and Sandra Jyoti Marjala
Price:£ 180, -
1. Bodyscan (10 min)
2. meditation on body image (11 min)
6. The power Pepper 2
Artist:Erik Møller
Price:SEK 180, -
Power Vol. 2 - autogenous training for new energy and presence
With Force 2, you learn how to quickly disengage, relax and look after your mental fitness. The program consists of a avspenningsintruksjon with pleasant background music. You regains profits and concentration, achieving physical and mental wellbeing.
After the training, you have renewed energy and motivation and you will experience an increased calmness and presence in everything you do.
The program includes two tracks:
1. Intro Pepp Talk - think less, perceive more! 4 min
2. Depth Relaxation with autogenous training 16 min
In addition, you get a 12 page booklet that gives you the knowledge of how relaxation makes you more present and present in your life.
7. The break Pepp
Artist:Erik Møller
Price:kr 180, -
The program consists of three varieties relaxation technique to use in a hectic day at work or at home. Stop and take a pep-break when you feel tired and unfocused. Renews concentration and mental focus.
Voice instruction with specially composed background music. 3, 5 and 7.5 minutes.
8. Breathe wisdom
Artist:J. Sunder Halvorsen and Sandra Jyoti Marjala
Price:£ 180, -
Missing content.
9. Children's naptime
Price:£ 180, -
Children clearly signal when they are tired and need rest and sleep
Children have an innate ability to find the natural rhythm of activity and rest. Both daytime and evening signals the kids clearly when they are tired and in need of rest and sleep, says Erik Møller, who has been primarily responsible for the production.
"Meanwhile, it turns out that many children carry on agitation, restlessness and tension which makes it difficult to relax in idle moment in kindergarten or before bed at home. The purpose of the imaginative journeys is to catch the children's attention and help them to find peace. We do this by using a soothing narration, sound effects with authentic nature sounds and a lifelike, comfortable atmosphere that kids can easily immerse themselves in "says Moller.
Cooperation with nursery
Pepp Norway has collaborated with kindergartens in Trondheim and Oslo that have tested out programs and provided valuable input. The program is the first in a series of four CDs for the age group 3-6 years. "Children's rest while vol.1" is based on the modern brain research and Pepp Norway's experience with the guidance in relaxation for adults 25 years.

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1. Relaxation for transformation and wellness (£ 180)
2. Relaxation and meditation (£ 180)
3. Awareness and healing (£ 180)
4. Awareness and meditation (£ 180)
5. Body Awareness (US $ 180)
6. The power Pepper 2 (kr 180)
7. Pepper pause (SEK 180)
8. Breathe wisdom (£ 180)
9. Children's rest while (£ 180)
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