Guidance, courses and lectures with Hågen Haugrønningen

Guidance, courses and lectures
with Hågen Haugrønningen

Hågen operates a separate undertaking and his job is to inspire and empower conscious people and organizations to develop what it takes to achieve their goals. The goal is that customers who come from both the private and public sectors should have a clear learning outcomes and really notice that they've gotten good value for your investment.

Hågen offers counseling, courses and lectures based on its solid life experience in which he has made successful transformations in the mental, physical, emotional and financial - on Zen House, but also via Skype.

All suitable for those who:
- Seeking expertise in self- and business
- Seeking expertise in nutrition / diet, health and fitness
- Searching performance-change and achievement
- Seeking lectures within Haagen experience expertise.

Hågen can easily get into your situation, give you a measurable skills promise and he has achieved real results. He follows you all the way to the finish.

Education and experience
- Taught for NAV and health
- Lecturer for psychology students at the University
- Participated in the TV3 documentary Norway on DOP
- Co-author of the book "A Better Life" in cooperation with the ROP Service and - Gyldendal Academic.
- Educated lecturer in physical education and music
- Recesses in coaching and migration pedagogy
- Bachelor of KRL (Christianity, religion and belief)
- Certified within Organization and Family Constellations
- Certified in Life Integration Process
- Certified in NLP - Firestarter for Business
- an agricultural technician degree in guidance and jurisprudence

Contact Hågen
Phone:948 93 812
Address:Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
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