Therapy, massage and meditation with Gunnvor Jahin Garden

Therapy, massage and meditation
Gunnvor Jahin Garden

Gunnvor has worked as a therapist since 2004 and has several educations in both talk and body therapy. She also has many years of experience as assitent in various group structures, as well as meeting with people from many different cultures and countries.
In addition, she has many years of experience with its own development and meditation process.

Gunnvor offers therapy, massage and meditation and are genuinely concerned with the whole person and the inherent powers we all have in us.

All suitable for those who:
- Do you want to become more familiar with themselves or have challenges in life that you want to look into
- Is tired depressed or dejected
- Stuck in a situation you want to change

With Gunnvor drag on a voyage of discovery in your inner landscape.

- How can you understand yourself better, be more authentic, more whole, truer and clearer?
- How can you live more in the moment, be more conscious present in your own life and find inner peace?
- How can you become more familiar with your own intuition, power and strength and get better in touch with its own resources?
- How can you support yourself in the face of life's challenges and make more conscious choices that are both right for you and that makes you well?
- How can you get more in touch with your body, understand your body's signals and take better care of yourself physically?

She wants to create a neutral space with respect and confidence so that it is possible for you to explore and challenge established truths and beliefs you have about yourself and your life.

Education and experience
- Therapist since 2004, with various courses in both the talk and body therapy

- Many years of experience as an assistant in various group structures

- Many years of experience with its own development and meditation process

- 15 years experience in public and private sectors

- Cand mag. degree in finance / administration / psychology / sociology at the University of Bergen / University

- Educated in Gestalt therapy

- Educated in rose therapy

- Udannnet in Osho Diamond Breath Training and Counselor Traning

- Educated in Osho Meditation Training

- Educated in Biodinamica Craniosacral

- Educated in Dance Energy Transformation Training

- Educated in Family Constellations

- Educated in Body Balancing Bio Dinamico Massaggio (massage)

- Further Empowers currently in The Essence Work / Diamond Approach and Systemic Trauma Work

Contact Gunnvor
Phone:971 96 137
Address:Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
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