Guidance, therapy and Jungian analysis with Finn Reinert

Guidance, therapy and Jungian analysis
Finn Reinert

Finn has worked for many years with people as a teacher and counselor at the high school, and also has extensive experience as a team leader at a drug abuse institutions. He is currently under training in Jungian psychology at the CG Jung Institute in Copenhagen.

Find offers counseling, psychotherapy and Jungian analysis in Zen House.

All suitable for those who:
- Want better understanding of a situation you are in
- Want to find out more about major aspects of life
- Want to develop their full potential
- Have distressing symptoms that emptiness, anxiety and depression
- Is not sure if you drink too much or use drugs in a harmful way

Depending on the challenges seeking help can find offer different types of conversation. He offers guidance and psychotherapy or Jungian analysis to people who suffer from emptiness, depression, difficulty in relationships with others, substance abuse or who are seeking a deeper meaning in their lives.

Find sees symptoms as expressions of areas in life that one can develop to become a more complete human being with better opportunities to develop their abilities and resources. Going in therapy may be a constructive process which release forces in self and that can contribute to that work better in relation to the surroundings.

Sometimes you through a structured and systematic guidance get a better understanding of the situations you are in. It may be easier to make decisions after receiving the guidance of a neutral and professional interlocutor.

Guidance The offer is inspired by the methods of Gestalt psychology and calls as well as elements of coaching. Therapy offer is mainly influenced by Jungian psychology and emphasis on the unconscious meaning in the understanding of the psyche. This means that symbols and dreams are important eleenter in therapy

Education and experience
- Trained as a supervisor at HiOA

- Associate Professor of musicology, history of ideas and German with additional training in special education at the University of Oslo

- Many years as a teacher and counselor at the high school

- Experience as a team leader at a substance abuse institutions

- Currently under training in Jungian psychology at the CG Jung Institute in Copenhagen

Contact Find
Phone:477 54 996
Address:Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
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