Systemic statements and guidance with Mira Tveitane

Systemic statements and guidance
with Mira Tveitane

Mira live a life of confirming personal development. Much of the foundation is in early meeting with healing, energy understanding and the deeper qualities of contact and presence. She has experience from monastery silence, a few but important meetings with shamans from different cultures, profound trauma therapy, creative expression, music and dance.

Mira offers systemic statements and guidance on day, evening and weekends.

All suitable for those who:
- Do you want more clarity about yourself and your relationships (it could be in relation. Partner, children, parents, siblings, friends or colleagues)
- Want a deep understanding of the family and family history.
- Want healing of trauma to the body and mind.

Focus is on the dissolution of harmful binding / attachment and healing of own and transferred trauma. The method provides unique support, awareness and industry in the development of survival to live so that we can be who we really are.

Education and experience
- Trained facilitator in System Installation and Systemic Trauma Work

- Been meditation leader and assisted by several programs in this field since 2005, both in Norway and abroad

- Had teachers who Tore Kval, Dr. Ilse Kutschera, Jan Jacob Stam, Vivian Broughton, Dr. Franz Ruppert

- Many years of experience with meditation and personal development

- Graduate tutor in creative communication and art therapy

- Experience of shamanic healing work

- Experience from 2010 through their own work with clients.

- Immersing himself now in Yoga Somatic, Restorative and Healing Yoga and Conscious Touch and Womb Wisdom (a deeply feminine helingsvei)

Contact Mira
Phone:411 05 653
Address:Zen House, 2nd floor., Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
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