Gestalterapi and coaching with Hege Rollefsen Rydland

Gestalt therapy and coaching
Hege Rollefsen Rydland

Hege is trained Gestalt therapist and regularly attend professional course (presence training, meditation, trauma mm.). She has also worked ca. 15 years as economist in the public and private sectors, in different roles at different levels.

Hege offers coaching, gestalt therapy, psychotherapy, presence training and coaching both for individuals, couples and groups.

All suitable for those who:
- Need someone to talk to
- Want to get better acquainted with yourself, your needs and resources
- Face choices in life and do not know what you want
- Having difficulty in relationships
- Is sad, tired, depressed, lonely, depressed or are in crisis
- Bearing on crude sadness, loss, pain, guilt, shame affecting the self
- Will increase your ability to presence in life and want more joy, improve self-esteem and confidence

Education and experience
- Business and Economics at BI (1991)

- Energy, Environment and Society at the Center for Development and Environment at the University of Oslo (1992)

- Gestalt therapist at Norwegian Gestaltinstitutt (2009)
Onstellation / trauma therapist at the Norwegian Institute for Trauma and constellations (2012)

- Continuing shock and trauma, Parts 1 and 2 at KAMA Clinic Center for body psychotherapy and awareness training (2013)

- Continuing trauma / resonance process, professor of psychology Franz Ruppert (2013-2014)

Hege is a member of the Norwegian Gestalt therapist Association and follow their ethical guidelines and requirements for professional guidance and update.

Contact Hege
Phone:957 94 218
Address:Zen House, 2nd floor., Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
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