Counseling and coaching with Ann-Brit Tangstad

Counseling & Coaching
with Ann-Brit Tangstad

Ann-Brit has 35 years of experience in working with people in both the public and private sectors in Norway and England. With education in physiotherapy, master in communication and movement, and certified psychotherapist, she has good experience in working with people's health and wellbeing.

Ann-Brit offer psychotherapy, coaching and body-oriented work for private individuals and companies.

The offer is suitable for you
- Who's a little stuck or are in a challenging situation and need confidential and professional support to obtain their own resources and get on the right path again. Maybe you experience stress and burnout at work, loss and grief related to health and family or anxiety, tension and pain in the body.

- As work with people as a leader, doctor, therapist, etc. and are interested or self-therapy for support, inspiration and renewal in their own work, as well as taking care of yourself.

- As working as an artist and want to explore the possibilities for the body as the medium can give you the dissemination of your art form

Education and experience
- Government approved physiotherapist NFF - SRP. (

- Master in communication and movement

- One of the first in Norway to be certified psychotherapist with EAP (European Association of psychotherapists) in 2002

- Coach Education with Coach Team: House of Leadership in 2009

- Psychotherapist ECP - NFP with specialty in body language and non-verbal communication

- Was starting Norwegian Association for Psychotherapy in 1998

- Is currently Deputy Chairman of Psychotherapy Association

- Taught and supervised students and been actively involved in marketing and pioneering of dance and movement therapy, both in England and in Norway

- Ma Dance therapy (

- Master of Creative Arts in Therapy (MCAT) (

- Esoteric Healing (

Ann-Brit has since 1990 run his own practice as a therapist, supervisor and consultant, and in 1996 she established Studio Agora in Oslo, which is a meeting place for internal training and self development.

Contact Ann-Brit
Phone:950 36 037
Address:Zen House, Sporveisgata 29, 0354 Oslo
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