Coaching, therapy, courses and lectures with Kristin Norenberg

Coaching, therapy, courses and lectures
Kristin A. NoRenberg

Kristin is certified NLP coach, healer, a business school graduate and chartered accountant with many years background as a senior in the business world. Kristin burner to help you who dream of inner peace and balance in your busy life.

Kristin offer coaching, therapy, courses and lectures. You can meet Kristin in different ways. 1 to 1 on Skype, on the course or maybe you prefer a little inspiration talks with good friends.
She uses exciting tools that adapt what you need, ranging from NLP coaching and healing to channeling, kinesiology and numerology.
Kristin is concerned that you're going to get in touch with your intuition, so you can learn to make the choices that are right for you. It is essential to create the life you want.

All suitable for those who want
- To arrive in the front seat and control life itself.
- A sense of life, and figure out the way ahead.
- Energy, energy and joy. Be present and spontaneous.
- To feel confident, with good self-esteem. Be yourself.
- To feel inner peace, balance and harmony
- Control the thoughts and feelings
- A job can thrive in
- Good relations

Education and experience
- Over 20 years of management experience in some of the largest businesses, including as finance and personnel director of Gyldendal Norwegian Publishing

- Several thousand hours of individual counseling of clients in all areas of life

- Lecture and self-development courses, 'live' and online.

- Numerous certifications in NLP coaching, Life Alignment, healing and channeling.

- Economist and Chartered Accountant

- Posted book 'Balance woman' who has helped thousands of people and which will soon come in 3rd edition

- Own blog with over 80 articles, as well as guest blogger on OBI Women Leader News and other sites

- Interviews at NRK, Good Morning Norway, Tara and KK to name a few

In 2005 she established the firm Universal Balance AS with the desire to raise awareness, provide guidance and help other people to a better life, a life of balance and joy. She will show that life is magical, although we have both feet firmly on the ground.

Contact Kristin
Mobile909 87 123
Address:Zen House, Sporveisgt. 29, Majorstuen
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